I live in a world of books, decorating, traveling, cooking, and running.  I have the privilege of living and working overseas in a job that I love.  I am truly married to my best friend and cheerleader.  Together we have a beautiful and amazing daughter who is in college.  I wake up every morning pinching myself because of the life we are leading.  Enjoying, improving , and appreciating is what my life is all about!

6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Nicki Marsters said:

    I pinch myself to even hear about your life second hand:) You have and will always be my role model!! You have an incredible family and life. I can only wish to be so blessed . . . . all the best in 2013!!

    • Oh my dear friend, you are so blessed!!! We all have so many blessings in life. It is time to take stock!! Thank you for your comment! I’m official! I responded to a comment!!!


  2. Wishing you the very best! Be inspired and please take care 🙂

  3. What a beautify introduction 🙂 Reading this made us smile because it exudes of so much love and happiness 🙂

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