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I will admit that I am a little obsessed about pottery.  Hubby would be doing an eye roll if he read that statement.

Pottery tells a story, a history of a country.  It was an attempt to make an ordinary routine of eating something more.  Pottery brings beauty to the everyday life.  I think we need a lot of beauty.

Before going to Madrid, I did a lot of reading about the different Spainish pottery. On  several websites I spent time on, they suggested to find pieces of ‘old’ patterns that are discontinued to go to this one shop off the beaten path.  I like the beaten path.

I spent over two hours in there talking to the owner and asking questions.  He was so kind.

I ended up with three pieces from three different parts of Spain.



First up is this bowl from Toledo, Spain.  Yes, the dark color is blue.  All pottery has that common element.  The mellow yellow and melon color are so soothing.  It brings a smile to my face.



Next up is serving platter from Valencia, Spain.  Bold, festive, and just darn gorgeous.  The colors in this platter are so rich and interesting.



Finally, from Mallorca, Spain this pot.  I will be using it in the kitchen to store root veggies in.  It has that island-y feel to it, just as you would expect.  Soft lines and colors just give off a happy vibe.

How could I not be excited about bringing those home?  The owner knew I would be carrying them home by plane- carry on.  He did an excellent job of packing!

Hubby said he like this shopping trip.  I think that is because he was around the corner at a tapas bar.  He said we should do that more often!

Before I close this post, I want to wish my Mother a happy 29th birthday again!   Hope you have a fabulous day!  And I am sending positive thoughts and prayers to Amazing Daughter who takes the lovely LSAT tomorrow.  Rock it girl!

Have a fabulous weekend!