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Since I cannot show you the beauty of Madrid until next week, I am punting and showing you the treasures that are going to be added to our home!

When we travel, I like to pick up something that we will be able to fondly recall our time there.  We do a lot of research of the sites we want to see, the places we want to eat at, and the places to shop.  Madrid was no exception.

When I thought of Madrid, I kept thinking Spanish shawls and the magnicifent hand painted fans that I use to read about as a young girl growing up in South Texas.  Anything sounded exotic when you grow up in a small town.  I just remember thinking how elegant the ladies were who had them naturally in their wardrobe.  I also remember looking at pictures of pianos with shawls draped over them.  I explained this image to Hubby.  He looked at me in confusion.  We do not have a piano.  I had to reassure him that I was not planning on buying a piano for my silk shawl.  That eased his mind.

When I we finally found the store I had researched, I was taken in by the friendliness of the staff.  It was a store that has been ran by the same family for  four generations.  I have to say, the kind lady pulled out over forty fans  for me to view.  I felt special until I realized all the sales people were doing the same thing with their customers.  Here is what I decided on.



All hand painted beauty!   You know I am a blue person.  I originally went in with the intention of coming out with something red.   This one just spoke to me.

The shawl was a little different.  I was transfixed on the variety of colors and the craftsmanship.   They were all so beautiful.  It basically came down to how much I wanted to spend.  We are budget minded people.  I am in awe of what I selected.



Here is a closer view. Yep, blue again.  And yes, it matches the fan.  Funny how that happened!



I am deciding where and how this treasured piece will be displayed.  Right now, I have draped it over a chair in our guest bedroom.  Nothing is permanent in our adobe.  Next week it could be somewhere else!

Tomorrow, I will share part two.

Have a fabulous day!