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It is hump day and I am already thinking about the weekend.  Why?  It is the weekend we will hit our first Christmas market of the season, decorate the house, and put up our tree.

As with all families we have a certain way we celebrate the season.  We turn on the Christmas music, make chili con queso, heat up the Gluwein, and bring out the decorations.  Since we are in a new house it will be about finding the perfect fit for our things.

It is fun opening up the bins each year.  We start talking about years gone by. Memories are such a wonderful thing.

Trimming the tree is my favorite part.  With a mug of mulled wine, Gluwein in German, reliving each place we have visited as I place an ornament on the tree.  Hubby thinks he is done after we put the lights on.  He switches to supervisor mode.

It is a special weekend that we share each year.  I cannot wait to add to it.  These traditions are the treasured moments that makes life just amazing.

Madrid picture update….

As you know during the week Hubby and I live in two places (sad, I know!).  To make a long story short, Hubby has the camera.  I will have to wait until next week to share. Urggggg…  However, I will give you a sneak peek tomorrow of some of the Spanish goods I ‘acquired’ along the way!

Happy Hump Day everybody!