Weekends are suppose to be about relaxing from the work week.  Of course, we have our errands to run, our clothes to wash,  and our house to pick up.

This weekend will be a little different for us.  Our to-do list has been created and prioritized.  We will be like a busy CEO!

Whatever we will we doing?  Ah……  A lot.

It is suppose to be a chilly weekend here.  Yea!   It is perfect for the things we need to get done.  The not so much fun things about life.  For example, cleaning out the frig or rotation all the ‘thicker’ blankets to the beds or change out wardrobes.  Busy and vital things you just have to do.

We will turn up the 80s music loud and get it done.  We will stop each evening in time to have a wonderful dinner and finalize our Thanksgiving plans.

See, even the not so fun things can be fun!

Have a fabulous weekend!