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I love the holidays just like the next person.   Right now I am focused on my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.  When I walk into a store however, I am bombarded with Christmas music and decorations.  Why?

I loved going into German stores in November’s past.  No Christmas until December.  Most Germans still put their tree up on Christmas Eve.

I do not know what has happened. Holiday decorations are everywhere!   Why?

I will be ready for Christmas 1 December.  I am one that enjoys savoring the holidays.  One at a time.  Am I normal?  Ok, do not answer that….

Thanksgiving is a time to look around to see what treasures we have in life.  A time where we share our appreciation for what we have been given and what we have not.

I will remain a traditionalist.  I will celebrate the holidays one at a time.  Why not!