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Make no bones about it, we love our wine.  We watched a documentary on American wine makers a couple of weeks ago.  One statement that stood out to me was every time you open a bottle you uncork a history, a story, a culture, and a future.  Man, that was beautifully said.

Ever since I heard that statement,  I consider that when buying a bottle of wine.

We love dry wines.  We love wines from all over the world.  So when we saw this shop in our travels, we had to stop.



This is a store that specializes in wines from South Africa.  The owners were so friendly.   We were able to sample and compare years.  We asked about pairings for a meal we are planning.

We ended up with a couple of bottles of Shiraz and a couple bottles of Sauvignon Blanc.  We left happy and excited about our upcoming dinner.

You can bet when I open a bottle of the wine I will be thinking of a history, a story, a culture, and the future.

Have an amazing weekend!