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We had an amazing weekend!  The weather was in the low 70s.  A little odd for this time of year, but we went with it!  (No worries, it has since dropped to a more Fall like feel.)

As I have stated before, weekends are about relaxing and cooking.  Since Hubby and I do not work in the same city anymore,  we do a lot of catching up over home cooked meals and wine!

This weekend I make Chicken and Red Apple Curry with Couscous.  I will go ahead and say, I did good!



With it being apple season, I could not wait to try this recipe from the magazine,  Clean Eating.   Love that magazine, by the way.  Paired with a chilled Chardonnay, we reached heaven!

The upcoming weekend will be quite chillier.  I am already thinking it is starting to look a lot like chili!

Have a fabulous Tuesday.