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It is the beginning of a long weekend.  Just love federal holidays!  Hubby and I are off to Prague early in the morning.  Cannot wait!   Guess you know what I will be blogging about next week!

Where I lived before, I was involved with a REAL book club.  We actually discussed the books and we read some really good ones.  I miss the discussions.  However, I am not missing the books!  I know which books were selected.  I have been reading them.  Currently while driving I am listening to The Kitchen House.  And I am reading…



at home.  I just stared wild by Cheryl Strayed.  So far I can see she was one messed up lady.  I can see where the mental and physical challenge of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail would change her life.  I know it would mine.  Looking forward to getting deeper into the book.  Maybe on the train to Prague…


Happy weekend everyone.