There was a time when I would eagerly wait for my favorite magazine to come in the mail.  I would save them each year.  I would organize them by season.  They were part of my research.

Two moves ago, hubby said no more.  Yes, they traveled with me!  He has this thing about weight and household moves.  So I spent months, literally, going through each one and ripping or cutting pages and writing short notes.  I still have the file.

I will keep that file.  I refer to it often.  I use it when I am looking for ideas.

This week as I was running into the store, I ran into someone I knew from a long time ago.  We spent some time catching up.  She remembered my stacks of magazines.  She said she started getting them too!  She asked if I still received them.  I said no.  She was shocked!  I told her what I did.  We said our good byes and exchanged numbers.

As I was checking out, I could not resist….



I know, I know!