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When Hubby took me to the estate store, I found a lot of goodies. It was funny when I thought about it afterwards.  I had a theme going but I did not even recognize it!

I have a wish list that I keep in the back of my mind.  They are things that intrigue me.  Things that I think would fit in nicely with and in our home.  If they are on the list, that means I have done a lot of research about those items.  Nerdy, I know!

Here is my loot.



I have been looking for a ‘sifter’ for a while.  One in pretty good condition.  I have also been looking for feed sacks.  This is the second one I have found.  This one has the lettering.  A bonus in my book.  I love different types of textiles.  I love the history behind them.

My new items do not have a home yet.  I am still thinking.  It will come to me.  I am just so glad they are here!

Enjoy your Tuesday!