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This past weekend I hit my Flea jar again!  Just love it when that happens.  I did not go with anything in mind.  I just went to look around and be inspired.

I have not been very good at hitting the markets this summer.  Shame on me.  I guess that means I need to get busy this Fall.

I love baskets.  For some reason I have been more interested in wire baskets lately.  I like being able to see through it.  This weekend, I found one!  I also like glass bottles.  I have been collecting demi johns, but this time I found something a little more interesting.  I was very drawn to the shape.



The bottle is clear and has a wide mouth.  I cleaned it out and I ‘temporarily’ put by one of the much bigger demi johns that I have displayed in the entryway.  My wire basket has found a home in the master bath as a ‘holder’ of literature.  Perfect for those long soaks in the tub.

I am saving the best for last though!



Fabulous, isn’t?  I have seen them in a lot of places but the condition has been poor or it has been more than I want to spend.  I picked up this baby for $10!  I smiled and danced away.  It has sat in my table for a couple of days just so I can admire it.  I do not talk to it or anything.  Last night I  put it under the coffee table.  A perfect way to display some of our art books.

I feel successful.  I love giving old tired treasure a new home.