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During vacation a couple of weeks ago, Hubby and I vowed to be more creative and adventureous in the kitchen.  The deal was twice a month on weekends, we would have meals that all the dishes were new to us.  In otherwords, dishes that we have never made.

This was our first weekend.  Hubby made pulled pork.  I made spicy coleslaw, baked zucchini chips, and jalapeño cornbread.   We ended up making pulled pork sandwiches and throwing the coleslaw on top.



I will say they were pretty darn good for two first timers.

I stink at making cornbread.  I do not know what it is but I have never been able to make a decent one.  Hubby asked me to try once more.  Urgg… Is what I thought.  We do not like processed food.  I knew I would be doing it from scratch once again.  Can I say I love a Food Network?   I selected one of their recipes.  I felt like Julia Child!!!!!!



I did it!  It was a thing of beauty.  I did think we had too many carbs.  However, since the cornbread turn out fabulously I did not care so much.

The baked zucchini was well….not so good.  Let me restate that.  The zucchini was great but it did not turn out ‘chip’ like.  I know it was my fault.  I plan on trying again.

It was so much fun trying new things.  I cannot wait to do it again.