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We are not TV people.   Reality tv is something we do not watch.  In fact the only way we watch tv is through DVDs and now iTunes.  Yes, we still have a DVD player.

The other day I was looking at kitchen designs and I saw a couple of pictures of this simply amazing kitchen.  I clicked and saw the kitchen was from the tv show Brothers and Sisters.  



I find it interesting when events kind of flow together.  Hubby had just brought home season one of this show from the library.  He said we might like it.  He told me that Ally McBeal was in it.  Oh, how I loved that show!  The dancing baby.  That was one show I never missed.  Oh, how I digress.

We started watching the show this week.  First off, what a family.  I think I understand why they drink so much wine.  But the kitchen… Everytime they have a scene in the kitchen, I press pause.  I just take it in.  Hubby said if I do not stop doing that, we will never get through the season.

I promise it will try!  Rob Lowe has just entered the show.  Maybe I will press pause on him instead.

Probably not since I cannot stop drooling over the kitchen and the pantry.

Give it to  an old tv show to getting me excited about kitchens.  I am not sure this was the purpose of the show!