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One of the great things about summer is all the reading one is able to do.  One can stay up late finish a book.  One can grab a pitcher of water and enjoy a good read on the patio.   For me, it is about catching up.  Catching up on books that I have been wanting to read, but have not had the time.

Here are two such books.



I grew up admiring Pat Summitt.  She was a little scary sometimes, but oh what she accomplished.  This book was exactly what I thought it was going to be, inspirational.  The lessons I will be taking away will be chewed on for quite a while.  Her work ethic.  Her desire to instill the ability to be better than ourselves.  Her love passion for life.  What an amazing individual.  I can see why even after they graduated, her players were always in touch.  And speaking of graduating, when she was the head coach at the University of Tennessee, 100% of her players walked with a college degree. Wow!  I am so glad I waited to read this book.  I have had plenty of time to reflect on it and apply it to my little world.

The Meg Wolitzer book is one that friend recommended.  She told me that it would challenge my morals.  As always, she was correct.  I wanted to put down the book several times.  I cannot stand self absorbed people.  (I was one of the strange people who despised the book Eat, Pray, Love)   I really tried to have feelings for these characters, but I just really wanted to slap them.  Yes, there are people who have money.  However, living in envy of them is so time consuming.  You miss out on your life.  No you might not have the ‘stuff’ they have, but you have your ‘stuff’.  Embrace your life and be content!   If you are not, decide what you are going to do about it.  I cannot wait to discuss this book with my friend.  I have been reflective about this one also.  The author must have done something right for me to have such an adverse feeling about the characters!

Okay, enough already with my ramblings!  As you can tell, I love literature!