The art of compromise is an important trade to learn. I know I still have a lot to learn on the subject!

Last week, the first of my summer vacation and the only week Hubby was off, turned out to be more wonderful than it should actually be allowed.   What did we do?  Hang out.  Where did we go?  No where.  

That was not the orginal plan.  We had a planned on hitting the road to spend about four days in the beautiful city of Prague.  However, the day we were to book the hotel Hubby said would you mind if we just stayed here?  

At the end of January, I started my dream job.  That meant picking up and moving.  It meant getting a studio apartment for Hubby.  Supportive is all Hubby has ever been. One of the things that I love about him.  We spend every weekend together either at the house or the apartment.  He asked if we could just stay in our house, together.  No plans each day.  Just reconnecting.  

Hmmm….. I thought.  A summer where we do not go anywhere.  Can we do that?  Secondly, during summers  I even have to have a schedule.  It is who I am.  Can I go a week without a schedule?

Compromise.   I understood that part about reconnecting.  I asked that we have a ‘liquid’ schedule each day.  Hubby asked what that meant.  I said in the mornings we have out workouts and that we have a menu.  He said he could live with that.

We worked out   Hubby even tried yoga!  We cooked.  We readied.  We played Scrabble.  We talked.  We unplugged from the internet.  We walked for hours each day.  We reconnected.  It was wonderful.  It was what we needed.

Hubby was quick to point out that he loved that fact that our bank account was left undamaged. 

I have two weeks left of vacation.  Hubby is already back at work.  We will be spending the next two weeks in the apartment.  I can now schedule myself silly if I want to.  Most importantly, I get to spend it with Hubby each evening.  

Sometimes it is not about the places you go, but it is always about the people we spend it with.  We will have plenty of travels ahead.  We both are looking forward to them.  However, a week in our home together was an amazing treat!