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One of my favorite scenes in Pride and Prejudice is when Lizzy is confronted by Lady de Bourg.  To have the presence of mind and ability to respond to a very difficult situation is pretty amazing.

If that was me, I would not have been like that.  I am getting better at dealing with uncomfortable situations.  Telling like it is in a respectful manner is a true gift!

Yes, I finished my favorite novel of all time yesterday.  I still find it strange that it is my favorite novel.  I am not a romantic per se.  It stirs in me something more.  It is the character development.  They all seem to be your best friends.  Okay I cannot stand Lydia.  When you read a book you just want to get a way.  Every time I read the story of Elizabeth Bennet, I time travel back to the days of Jane Austen.  Where  taking a walk is the high point of the day.

My pleasure that I look forward to each summer is over for another year.  Aw… It was fabulous.  Now, I get to start on my summer to do list. Yea!