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Wow!   What a game!  As billed, it was a battle.  Hubby and I walked down to our local cafe/Biergarten to enjoy the game.  It was just a bunch of locals hanging out.



The area was decked out in red, yellow, and black.  There was a lot of face paint.  We opted out of the face paint.

The game was intense.  The crowd was glued to the edge of their seats.   You could literally hear a pen drop.   When the cameras turned and showed a shot of Angela Merkel, the crowd started chanting Germany.  Then it became silent again.

Then finally Germany scored.  I thought the world erupted.  The horns, the cheers, the beer was flowing.  People were hugging.  People draped their arms around each other and started singing the national anthem as they swayed.  It was awesome.

After the hoisting of the trophy and the dwindling of the crowds, the celebration did not end.  For a couple of hours after the game, we heard horns, singing/chanting, and fireworks.  I cannot imagine what it would have been like in Berlin.

Hubby and I are so glad we decided to go and experience the charged atmosphere.

Now, it will just be plain boring!

Happy Monday.