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I love that song.  I loved Sixteen Candles.  Wow, I have not seen that movie in well..a long time.

Yep, today is my birthday.  They do come around every year if we are lucky.  I am one lucky woman!

People of a certain age do not like to celebrate birthdays.  I do not associate birthdays and age.  Strange since they go hand in hand.  I like that we get to celebrate another year on this planet with people we adore.  That is what I will celebrate every 8th of July.

Ten words that I feel today….

10.   Happy

9.  Curious

8.  Loved

7.  Intelligent ( oh the things I have learned!)

6.  Accepting…the less than ‘springy’ skin is growing on me.

5.  Fortunate

4.  Sore (man, my muscles are sore from lifting weights….)

3.   Blessed

2.  Appreciative

1.  Rich…No money will or could replace what life I have be so graciously been living.


Considering all of this adjectives,  what’s not to like about celebrating another year?

Now, I will go and find some chocolate.  Every birthday should include chocolate.