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Nighttime ritual…. My one glass of wine and a good read.  It is the perfect ending to any day.   I will admit, I have said up til o’ dark thirty finishing a book.  Then turning around a couple hours later rolling out to work.   I am just getting to old for that!  Or maybe I have to found a book that is that enticing!

However, I have a contender.



I just love reading about this lady.  When I told Hubby what I was reading, he did one of his infamous eye rolls.  Reading about a strong woman who worked her way through a male dominated world is right up my alley.  This is a new book by Jonathan Aitkin.  He served in Parliament with Mrs. Thatcher.  So far so good.  Last night I only stayed up until midnight reading.

Reading about someone breaking the glass ceiling is very inspirational.  We all have good days and bad days.  It is what we do with them that makes us who we are.  I know I will never be a Margaret Thatcher.  I could never pull off that British accent, but I can take lessons away from her life.

I might keep the lamp light burning for this one!