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I’m in education.  That means that by the middle of June, summer vacation begins.  Not anymore.  When I started my new job at the end of January, that meant I work longer than teachers and start back earlier.

Actually, I okay with it.  Right now teachers are gone.  So the emails have slowed down. Requests for workshops have puttered out.  I was worried that I would be scrambling for things to do!

That is soooooooo not the case!



This is my desk!  I am working on some workshops that I will be giving in August.  Can you tell I like sticky notes?  They are my best friend!

And for entertainment, I have this….



It plugs right into my computer.  It keeps me cool and believe it or not, it also helps my creative juices flow.  Fun, isn’t it?

Who knew work could be so much fun!

(No worries, summer vacation begins in just a few days!)