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I do not know if it because I am in a summery mood.  Maybe it has to with challenging myself with something I normally do not do.  Whatever the reason I have been spending a lot of time doing yoga.  I am getting up earlier to do a session.  Then when I get home from work I do a longer session.  Basically I am spending between an hour and a half to two hours a day doing yoga.  I feel great!

I realize I will never be one who will wrap themselves into a pretzel, but I am starting to feel and see the results.  It is more than just physical.  I have noticed that I am more at peace with myself.  My pace has slowed down.  I am sleeping so good.

YouTube is my yoga resource.  Yoga with Adriene is the series I have doing.  She is the quirky gal from Austin. Texas.  She is very motivating.  I will confess that sometimes I would like to throttle her, but overall she is my friend.  I could not handle someone that is overly perky.  I do not do perky.

Yoga is challenge for me because I am about as graceful as a rock.  When I run, I can tune out and dive deep into my music or my thoughts.  With yoga, I have to concentrate on every single pose/position.  Right now I am just going with it!

I want to keep my summer frame of mind and the positives of yoga.  Asking me to be a tree no longer makes me crack up.  Progress.  Nice, right?

Enjoy the weekend.