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Let’s be honest.  There are only a few things that make my heart go pounding.  My Hubby for one.  Amazing Daughter, chocolate, a great glass of wine, basketball are some others.  However, a friend of my asked me to go with her to find some shoes for a dress she was wearing to a special event.  She stated that she found an outlet store.  Cool, I thought.  I never knew this short ( we are talking less than 10 minutes!!!!!) ride would change my life.

We are talking along the way.  You know girlie stuff.  She turned into the parking lot and HARK the angel sang!   Right in front of me was the sign to my FAV shoe brand/ store.  If I would have looked, I know the skies were opening up and a chorus of amens were being sung.  However, I did not see that because the ticker was pounding extra fast.  What a sight.  What a delight.

Knowing I was there with a friend helped me regain control and go back to normal. Believe it or not, I did not buy one pair of shoes.  I deserve an award or something.  Yes, I need another pair of shoes like I need a hole in my head.  My friend did find several pairs that she purchased.

I did s-l-o-w-l-y walk the aisles touching each pretty pair.  For a couple it was just out and out drooling.  I was picturing the outfits that I could buy for a pair of shoes.  Not good….  This store so close to my house.

We left.  I did turn, I wanted the shoes to know I would be back.  My friend was laughing at me.  She even gave me an award….



her bag.  I felt so special….