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I am waking up this morning smiling, jazzed, and excited!   Tomorrow is the big day.  First half marathon of the year.  I am ready. Don’t you love the orangey shirt?  It is my Spring race shirt this year.  Light, bright, and oozing fun.

Tomorrow evening, I will be surrounded by many people.  More than I will be able to count. Does not matter.  We will all be aiming for the same thing, the finish line 13.1 miles from the start.

Hubby, a wonderful friend and her Hubby and oldest son will be running also.  I chuckled remembering the last time we ran this race.  My wonderful friend was pregnant while she was blazing the trail.  I am still in awe.

No watch, but plenty of great tunes and a huge smile will keep me focused.

Here is hoping for all to have a fabulous weekend!