I just love weekends!   We had great weather and were able to get things done.  Relaxing was number 1 one the list,  

Last weekend before our first half marathon this year.  I got in a five mile run and a 10 miler.  I am feeling good about the upcoming race.  Yesterday I did a long session of yoga.  I will get in a couple of short runs this week and be ready to go Saturday.  During the runs this weekend, I really focused on the aspect that I always leave out… Fun.  

Not running with a watch has allowed that.  Trust me, it is not easy at times.  It goes against who I am.  I feel like a rebel.  This is the real challenge!

Busy week ahead.  Aren’t they all?   But on this Tuesday, I am ready to embrace it and am looking forward to Saturday.

Happy last Tuesday of May.