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I have heard that your ‘accessories’ say a lot about a person.  I am ok with that.

I pack my lunch every single morning.  A salad, a veggie wrap, or a smoothie.  Something light, but healthy.  Not a problem.  I even have a lunch box!  Or I should say, a lunch bag.



I am a lover of literature.  All kinds of literature.  Isn’t it fun?

Yesterday I was at a school eating lunch with some elementary students.  I pulled out my bag to start eating. One student asked me, “Is that yours?”  I responded in the affirmative.   He informed me that it was a little kid book and that I might need to find a book on my level.  I sucked in my feelings about age and secretly proud that he was in the know about reading levels.  I told him that everyone can learn and enjoy Dr. Seuss.  Don’t you just love kids?

As an accessory I am sure that carrying a Dr. Seuss bag says something about me.  I think fun, kid friendly, and young at heart.  But who knows!