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End of the week.  Beginning of a weekend.  Nice, isn’t it?

After work, I am driving to Hubby’s apartment to spend the weekend running and with friends.

Saturday morning is our first race of the season!  I am SUPER excited!  It is a 5 miler through an old tank trail.  Hubby and I are both running it.  The best part is the finish line.  It is at an outdoor Biergarten.  Cross the line then go and have something cold!  (I will not be one of the ones that chooses a beer.  Not my cup of tea.  I have yet to understand why people finish a race and then head to the beer tent.  Hydrate with water!)

Saturday evening we are double dating with some great friends to celebrate a birthday milestone.  Not one of ours, it is our friend.  Cannot wait to sit back and enjoy a nice dinner, a glass of wine, and catch up.

Sunday will bring a long run.  Only two more weeks until the first half marathon of the year.

Isn’t life great?  Enjoy the weekend!