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What a loaded question.  I was asked that question by a first grader.  I told him who I was.  His only comments were you are tall, and he had two cookies he could share with me.  I just told him that was so sweet and since his mom packed those two cookies for him that meant she really wanted him to have them.

On the way back to the office, I really thought about that question.   I have been doing a lot of thinking these days.  Who am I?

Right now I would say busy, but loving it.  Realizing that I have found my balance between work life and home life.  Someone that still has to remind themselves to slow down.

I could also say I am a lover of books, food, and wine.  I could add that I admire old, original things.  I am a person that loves learning.

I am also a person who has realized they have reached a certain age that I know it is okay to say no and will do so!

All of that is important. However to really answer that question would be to say that I am a mother to an AMAZING young adult and lucky enough to be the wife of a WONDERFUL man.  That is who I am.

Way to deep on this Friday morning!

Happy Mother’s Day!