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Weekend runs…just love them.  I do not care if it is cold, hot, wet, icy, or snowing I will enjoy just being out there.   Ok, enjoy on some days is stretching it.

This past weekend I decided to be plugged in.  I usually just go.  However, for some reason I decided I wanted to listen to music.  Maybe it was because I was thinking about a project that I working on at work or I am still processing the book on Isreal.  Having music in the background just seemed the way to go!

I have a half marathon at the end of the month.  So distance was the goal on both days. I was ready to go and on both days this is the first song coursing through earbuds.




It was perfect!  Great way to start the fun.  I want happy music when I am running.  Hubby has ‘angry’ music on his runs.  I do not understand that.  However, whatever floats his boat!

Happy Monday, everyone.