Saturday has come and gone.  Saturday the day I was anticipating a total mental and physical challenge.  I was pumped!   Ok, as much as I get pumped.  I am not a highly outward emotional person.   I was up for the challenge.

What I was most excited about was to see how I would react to the struggles.  I was planning to face them straight on.  Laugh at them.  That is what I do when I need to release some stress.

I was not going to let anyone down. Period.

Hubby received the message on his Facebook page, start time 2:00 EST.  In our world that is two o’clock Eastern Standard Time.  We knew the meeting point.  Thus our start time was 8pm since we are six hours ahead.  We took a nap and enjoyed relaxing before getting ready.

We arrive excited and a little nervous at 730 pm.  We waited.  We saw others with rucks waiting.  We all did the same thing… Checked our watches.  At 745, I said to Hubby something just isn’t right.  I could tell Hubby was beginning to get angry.  That does not happen often.

The others are trying to call to find out anything.  They did and started yelling into the phone.  Not good.  Apparently, 2 EST means two European Standard Time.

It has taken me a couple of days to work through this.  Disappointment, the feeling of wasted trainings.  Yesterday, during my run I pondered this further.  The reason I signed up for this was to do something together with Hubby.  Did we do it together? Yes.  The second reason was to challenge myself, to get me out of my comfort zone.  Did I do that? Yes.  So no matter how I looked at it, I knew I needed to drop my frustrations.  I just needed to let it go.  I knew deep down that I would have completed the challenge.  It would not have been pretty, but I would have done it.

I am at peace with it.  I now will continue  to get ready for the half marathon Hubby and I are running at the end of the month.

Life does not always come out the way you want it.  It is what you do with the disappointments that speaks volumes of who you are.