It is tomorrow!  Go Ruck Light.  The butterflies are running wild this morning.  I guess it is better they do it today instead of tomorrow.

The forecast tomorrow is for rain.  If was just a race, I would be excited.  That would be fun to do!  Rucking, well I am not sure how I feel about the forecast!  There is nothing that I can do about it so basically, suck it up and drive on!

My competitive spirit has been surfacing over the last couple of days.  I want to know if I am up to the challenge.  I believe I am. This is something that I have never done before.  I have trained.  I feel ready. It is the unknown.  With a race, I know that I will run until I reach the finish line.  I am charge of my destiny.  This is not.  We are to work as a team.  I will not just be doing one thing.  I will be working all parts of my body.  I expect that after completing this, every single part of my body will be experiencing something….  I am actually looking forward to that part.   Why?  First because I know I will be done.  Second because I will feel pride in completing this experience.

I will draw strength from knowing Hubby is right there with me.  I do not want to embarrass him.  I have told him that.  His response has been the same every time, you will not because you will be out there giving it your all.  How is that embarrassing?

I love that man!

So here is to my weekend of Go Ruck!  I WILL do this!!!!

Fill you in on the details Monday!