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What is in a label?  I have often wondered.  When buying major items we do tend to go with name brands.  When it comes to my clothes, there are only four places that I shop at.  Shoes, well two.  Picky, picky!

Recently Hubby and I went wine shopping.  Always a fun task!  Before we went in I challenged him to just pick wines by just the label.  He rolled his eyes. Then he said ok.


When we got home, we surveyed the goods.  The teacher in me asked the question….why?

Bottle #1



Hubby selected.

Why:  A bunch of Italians posing on a bottle of wine means family, and it is an Italian red.  If you have your family on the bottle, it shows the character.

Bottle #2



I selected.

Why:  I liked the simplicity of the stripes.  They were bold but not over the top.  I also selected it because it was from Bulgaria.  Never had Bulgarian wine before.  (It was pretty good!)

Bottle #3



We both held up this bottle.  Not that strange, really!


Hubby:  Italian red.  Liked the colors.

Me:  Aw… an Italian villa.  Great wine because who would not want to have a glass sitting around that house?

It was an entertaining way to buy wine.  I do not think I would get away with doing that every single time.  Hubby said he was happy that I did not say because it was pretty.  I smiled and said I was way beyond that!  (Yes, my fingers were crossed behind my back!)

Happy Thursday.