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I am sure that today all over the news everyone will be swamped with stories from Boston.  This is not one of them.

Last year I was in a store watching coverage of the race.  Admiring the splits I was able to witness.  Then I went home and thought nothing else about it.  Until the next morning….

I was stunned that someone would strike at an event so innocent.  I am not naive.  I was just shocked.

This weekend as I was running, my mind drifted to the men and women that will be running that framed course today.  They will be conquering more than the route.

Then I started thinking about what running is to me.  Running is freedom to explore, to challenge yourself, to clear your mind, and dare I say, freedom to be you.

This afternoon when I get off of work, I will come home lace up some shoes and head out on my newly discovered trail.  I know that sometime during the evening I will get on the internet to see what is happening in Boston.  A little celebration will occur every time someone crosses that finish line.

Now that is freedom.