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Call me crazy.  I will try most things once.  I think that is how I got roped into doing a Go Ruck Light.

I have one AMAZING Hubby.  We love spending time together.  About 18 months ago in order to just that, he picked up running.  He has completed two half marathons.  Well over the Christmas holidays he was telling me about something he wanted to do- Go Ruck.  Me, being the supportive person I am, told him to go for it!  He then said I missed the point.  He wanted us to do this together.  Oh boy.

I started to investigate.  I watched the videos.  I laughed.  I cried.  I thought he was nuts.  I was scared.  I told him all of that.  I am not one that ‘enjoys’  demonstrating weakness.  Trust me, I have plenty.  I just deal with it my way.  Hubby said challenge yourself.  Well, that is what I have choose to do on the 26th of April.  Hubby and I will be participate in the Go Ruck Light in the lovely city of Stuttgart, Germany.

What is a Go Ruck Light?  It is more that carrying a 35 lbs ruck sack on your back for 4 hours.  We will be doing bear crawls, passing the ruck, and a bunch of other ‘fun’ things.  I am beginning to feel the walking around with 35 lbs on your back is the easy part.

To me, this is my marathon.  How will I do?  I can honestly say I do not know.  I have  been training for this over the last month.  I have lifted more weights and hiked more miles (with the 35 lbs ruck) than I have ever thought I would.  The great thing is I have been doing it with Hubby.  This is our weekends right now.  It is our quality time.  I am thinking after this, we should find another way to spend quality time together!

When I say I am going to do something, I put everything I am into it.  Hubby knows that.  I will complete this.  I might be the worst of the lot (it is a team activity) and I am truly okay with that!

Have I said lately I really love my Hubby?