Good morning.  Happy Monday!

The story begins on Friday afternoon. That is when I started felling ‘uncomfortable’.  I remember hearing someone say there was a stomach virus going around.  How I got from work….   By the evening, I was very familiar with the bathroom of Hubby’s apartment.  However, I really thought I would be good by race time.  Except I was not.

Hubby, who was running the race with me, turned off the alarm.  We woke up and took it easy the rest of the morning.

I was bummed.  Last week I was running my 5k consistently around 28. In fact, Thursday I ran it in 27.43.  I was jazzed. I was ready for this race.

Around 2 o’clock, I asked Hubby if we could just go try and run.  It would be our 5k.  The weather was amazing.  I was shaky.  I started slow. In fact I was questioning my intelligence.  However, I just had to do this.

I did finish.  It was not not the time I wanted.  I finished just under 34 minutes.  Not my best time but there it is.  I felt wore out but I felt I did something for me.

We went back to the apartment and relaxed.  Lots of water.

Next up, at the end of the month, will be the Go Ruck Light Challenge.  More on that on Friday!

Enjoy your Monday!