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I am a goal oriented person.  I love to do lists.  When it comes to working out I flounder when I do not have a purpose.  Yea, I know the overarching purpose is to stay fit.   I need more.  That is just who I am.

Back in December as I was running my last half marathon, I worked on my goals for this year.  I am a realist.  A couple of thoughts came to mind.  First, I wanted to do more shorter races.  The reason to work on speed and to just enjoy.  My second thought was more adventurous, could I mix it up a little and do something more than just run?

Keeping all that in mind, I have finalized my Spring  fitness fun!!

29 March- 5k Spring Fling Run ( a local race)

26 April- Go Ruck Light Challenge (I will explain this one in the weeks to come.  I am a little nervous about this one!)

31 May- Mannheim Half Marathon (This is a night race.  How great is that going to be?)

I feel so at peace knowing I have a goal.  The last thought I had as I was working out my races in December was this, I need to have fun and remember to relax.  I honestly think this will be the bigger mental hurdle than the actual racing!  However, I know in the end it will make me a better person.  Isn’t that what it is all about?

Another weekend is upon us!  Another weekend of long runs.  Looking at the weather, it looks like it will be two long runs in the rain.  I plan on hitting every puddle!