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I had the pleasure a couple of days ago to attend a luncheon.  It was fabulous because it was a huge spread to create your own salad.  Oh the goodies!

As I was  putting my salad together (spinach, bell peppers, sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts),  I noticed a beauty.



I politely asked who this belonged too….  What I really wanted to do was dump the variety of cheeses on the plate so I could get a better look.  The bubbly owner was so unaware that I was an admirer of her plate.  I wanted her to know that she had great taste!

After the lunch was over, she brought the plate to me.  I was lucky enough to get a better look.



Look at those colors!  They are all calling my name,  the blues.  The hint of yellow and orange.

I made a mental note of the make and model.  I smiled and said thank you!

I made a bee line to my computer to find that this pattern, Izmir, by Villeroy and Boch is a retired from 1973.  Urgggg!

You know this weekend I checked out ‘other’ sources….

Got to love the internet!