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Saturday night, Hubby and I had a date night.  Those are always fun!   We had a marvelous dinner then went to see a fabulous movie.  It was the perfect combination of us.  Art, history, and a little humor all mixed together.  The movie was The Monuments Men.

I was hooked from the start.  Hubby it took a few more minutes.  Going in I knew the basics.  I was just so shocked of the depth of the art that was destroyed.  Sadden really.  Because we live over here in Europe, we were able to relate to the towns.  We have been to Brugge and have seen the Madonna.  It really came alive for us.

I really like Cate Blanchett.  She is such a versatile actress.  She did not have a huge part in this movie but it was the human side of  enduring a war.

It was a great movie for a Saturday night!  Anytime spent with Hubby is a blessing.  Now I have to order the book the movie was based on.

(PS… Since Lord Grantham was in the movie, I thought I would share, I finally took the buzzfeed quiz about which Downton Abbey character I am.  I am Cora!!!!)

Enjoy your Tuesday!