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As you know, currently I am working about an hour and fifteen minutes from our home.  That will be changing pretty soon since we will be moving.

I leave early Monday morning and come back Friday evening.  The drive does not really bother me.  It allows reflection time.  Singing time.  Daydreaming.  So it is all good!

This past Friday, I was lucky enough to have a lot more reflection, singing, and daydreaming time…..



I decided to make good use of the delay!  Yep,  it was very slow moving for a while.  A lot of red ahead.  ABBA and I became one.  I was admiring the sun setting on this Friday.



The other side was moving faster.  That was the happy side.

I did make it home in under two hours.  Dancing Queen is still playing in my head.  I am ready to do it all again this coming Friday!

Happy Monday everyone!

P.S. I think we have solved the internet problem.  You will be seeing a lot more post this week!