Strange that one piece of furniture can make you dream, long for its existence.  Last week, due to my new job, I stayed with a wonderful friend.  We had a great time staying up talking and laughing.  I have her entire third floor at my disposal.

However, I missed home.  I missed Hubby.  I missed my bed.  We have had the same bed frame for 22 years.  Mattresses have come and gone.  That bed is part of home to me.  Great books have been read, fabulous music listened too, and Hubby and I have solved the world’s problems in that bed.

Friday evening I came home and just went and laid in it. I wiggled around and just smiled.  A little slice of heaven.  Life is so good.

This week I am back with my friend.   I am more than positive that we will have a blast each evening.  But just know that I will be dreaming of my bed….