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Yes!  We have made it to the end of the week.  I am jazzed!

Today, I am going to kick off a new feature on this here blog.  Something that I am very passionate about.  Each week my goal is to share bits about improving life with fun activities and fitness.  Keeping active and smiling along the way.

To kick off this feature, I thought I would start with my journey…..

I do not consider myself an ultimate fit person.  I have jiggly parts.  But I enjoy the challenge working out to be without my jiggly parts.  When Amazing Daughter was in 7th grade, she joined the cross country team.  I first thought, ok this could be fun….  At this point I was ‘heavy’.  Walking up stairs was an exercise in breathing.  Frankly, I was in sad, sad shape.  Amazing Daughter asked me to train with her.  When your middle school daughter ask you to do anything with them, you go!!!  The first couple of times were just laughable.  I felt like that old dog shuffling along the trail.  However, I did not quit.  I just kept on going.  Something cool started happening….my clothes were getting larger.  Something else happened too, I began to feel really good about myself.

After the season was over, Amazing Daughter stopped running (she did not like it that much!), but I did not.  I started running every single day.  I started increasing my distance.  I did not change my diet that much.  It would be another few years before I made that connection. I figured I was running, I could still eat like I wanted.

In May of 2009 , I ran my first half marathon.  Oh, how unprepared I was.  I did not follow a training schedule.  I had horrible socks.  But I finished.  I ran the entire 13.1 miles.  I literally cried when I crossed the finish line.  Little did I know that a few hours later I would be crying because I was in so much pain.  It did not matter, I did it.  In the three years since I laced up my running shoes to go with Amazing Daughter, I had lost over 50 pounds and gained my more fit self.

I have ran several half marathons since then.  I have learned how to train.  I have learned to take care of my feet.  I have learned how eating healthy and working out go hand and hand.  I have learned that even though I still jiggle and that I am not a very fast runner, I can be fit.  I want to be racing when I am 80.  No joke!

Being fit or working out has become a natural part of my life.  One that I cannot go without.

That is my journey.  I never want to be that person who needed an oxygen tank just to climb up flights of stairs.  I just want to be a person that strives to be in shape because I enjoy being active.  Still working on those darn jiggly parts though!