First off, take note, I am a big fan.  I grew up in south Texas.  It is not known for its winter wonderland climate.  Snow still amazes me to this day.

Unlike the states, over here in Germany, we have had a very warm winter.  When I saw that we were to have snow last weekend and the first part of the week, it was full on happy dance time.

As I was driving this evening back from work, I was admiring the snow covered fields that I passed.  I was wondering if others were enjoying the white landscape.  Do others enjoy the sound as you walk on the sidewalk that is covered in the white stuff?  I know that you have to shovel it.  I know that after a while it is no longer white.

I just know there is something special about bundling up and going out and soaking in the beauty of  snow.  Puts a smile on this face.

Happy Thursday!