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First off, today was going to be the kick off of Fitness Friday.  However, we will kick off next Friday!  Why may you ask?

Well, it all started off this morning with a phone call.  Hubby had an out of town meeting and had to leave early.  Hubby, the king of the understatement,  calls and said it was ‘a little wet’ outside so be careful driving into work.  Awww…. isn’t that sweet?  I love that man!  I am taking my time this morning.  It is my last day at my job (Monday I start my new one!) after all.

I pull out of the carport to a beautiful sight!  Hubby said wet.  It was not wet, well kind of.  It was snowing!!!!  I was/am still excited!  As I was driving to work, I was thinking…. Man, I want to turn around, go home, and go for a run.  Running as the snow is falling is just pure pleasure!  There is no music that can substitute for gently falling snow hitting the trees.  When I got in to my office the first thing I did was check the weather for the weekend.  Happy dance ensued!  It is suppose to snow both Saturday and Sunday mornings.  We have had no snow this winter.  Kind of sad.  I plan on two long runs this weekend mainly to play in the snow!

I called Hubby and discussed the definition of ‘a little wet’.  He told me that he knew what I would do if he said it was starting to snow.  Does the man know me or what???

So… why, thank you weatherman for this treat!

Happy weekend everyone!