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Last Friday the Daisy turned one.  I suppose it is a milestone.  I have to admit when I started this little endeavor I did not know where this was going.  Today, over a year later,  Daisy is still wondering through blog world with over 100 followers.  The ride has been  a lot of fun!!!!

I have been thinking about where Daisy goes from here.  I have ideas.  I have dreams, realistic ones….  I have a day job that I actually love.  In the coming months I will be trying  different things.  I want to keep a running total of my monthly mileage.  Starting next Friday, I want start Fitness Friday.  That sounds like fun, doesn’t?

It has been wonderful and I have learned a lot from this adventure.

I want to say a huge thank you for you!!! I love seeing the likes and the comments.  It is pretty cool! I know that I have to have something interesting for people to read.  I do strive to do that every single day.

So…year two, here we come.

Have a fabulous weekend everybody!