Today my mother turns 29…. again.

Mom was the almost grace part of my childhood.  I say almost because trying to stop a rolling basketball while running did not end well.  We can laugh now.

Mom gave me my first perm.  Even though at the time, I thought it was amazing, it was not.  Mom had high expectations for us in school.  I was okay with that.   I always pictured her as a second grade teacher.  Nurturing, kind, and compassionate with her students.  However, Mom did not start working until we were well beyond school age.  That is right, I came home every day to a home filled with love, cookies, and where homework had to be done before going outside.

I have read a lot of studies about successful women.  One of the key connections is the role their mom played in their lives.  Mom allowed us to dream and to work to achieve it with a dose of reality. I learned what is important- family, friends, and behaving in church (Boy, did she have nails!).  She accepted my siblings and me unconditionally even though I know that she would have loved to have told us otherwise at times.

I remember well her creative side.  Decorating cakes, ceramics.  I always wondered why she stopped.  I have never asked because I know the answer.  She sacrificed pieces of herself by taking us to band practice, basketball, swimming, ________ (fill in the blank).  Looking back, I see that sacrifice and I am humbled at what she gave up for her family.

Thank you Mom for making banana pudding without the bananas for me!  Thank you for always making the ‘worst’ chocolate pie that always tasted like a piece of heaven.

I am still baffled at the fashion advise she gave us…Black goes with everything.  That is one thing I have not followed….  And, sorry I have worn pants to church.

As my family celebrates another year at 29, we will take a moment to reflect on what an amazing woman we have been so blessed to have in our lives!

Happy Birthday Mom!