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All the preparations for the BIG meal Thursday are done!  We thought we were having a small dinner.  Well….. That has changed!  We now have ten people who will be joining us for this fabulous day.  I cannot wait!

The menu has been set.



I will have it displayed very nicely Thursday.  We have our favorites.  The stuffing is to die for.  The roasted butternut squash, fennel, and cranberries is mouthwatering.  Just typing it makes me happy!

We will pick up our fresh veggies and fruits today.  Everything from scratch.  Oh I cannot wait to get started on Wednesday afternoon!  Hubby is responsible for dinner Wednesday evening.  So that means take out.  Music will be blaring and the good times will roll!

Some of my best memories of our Amazing Daughter and Hubby are in the kitchen cooking together. Looking forward to making more this year!