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Saturday morning I was going through our menu for the week and finalizing the to-do list for the week and I started thinking about the week ahead.  Loving the busyness of the start then how it tapers down to just enjoyment in the end.  I started making breakfast and I pulled out these.  A huge smile immediately came to my face.  I just simply whispered, “Millie”.

Millie was my grandmother.  Unfortunately, she passed away about two years ago.  When we were cleaning out her home, I ran across these measuring spoons.  I grabbed them.  Silly, really.  I remember visiting her during the summers and Thanksgivings.  I remember her using these spoons.  Her dogs at her feet.  The fact that I am still using them connects us in some way.

Millie had an amazing life.  Not always easy, but rewarding.  She was very fascinating to me.  A true Southern woman.  She had her hair done every single week.  Her fingernails were always painted.  Never missed church unless she was ill.

As we begin this favorite week of mine, Millie’s spoons will be used frequently.  They were well used before, but now, they are well loved and so appreciated.  I think I will go and paint my fingernails, in honor of Millie!

Enjoy your Monday!