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As you know, I set a goal at the beginning of the year to run 4 half marathons, one in each season.  I am 3/4’s of the way there.  Due to scheduling difficulties, I am having this last one be a ME Half Marathon.  I will be the only one running.  I’m beginning to think everyone needs a ME race!

I have set the date for 1 December.  I am feeling pretty good about it.  My mileage is very good and the pace is relaxed.  I like that.  I have been hitting the gym three times a week for speed work.  Last weekend I ran 8.5 miles on Saturday and 5.5 on Sunday.  My Saturday time was great!  Sunday because it was ‘rest’ run was slower.  I needed that.

I have one weekend left before the ‘big’ race.  I am just going to see how it goes.  The issue of completing it is a non-issue.  I know that the weather will play a starring role.  We are actually expecting some snow in the next couple of days.  The temperatures are heading south.  That is okay.  I have always ran outside in the cold.  It really does not bother me.  The difference is running for over 2 hours.  This will be new.  I sure do not want to overdress or underdress.  I just have to find the balance.  Oh, the dilemma!

For some reason, I am very low key about this one.  Maybe because there will not be thousands of runners.  Maybe because I know the course.  Maybe it is because I know that I will accomplish a goal.  I know that it is coming and I am not obsessing!  A good thing.

Here is looking forward to a great weekend of running!  Some white stuff would be nice….