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It was beyond amazing!!!  I really had no clue what to expect.  However, my expectations were clearly met and then some!

Saturday was a crisp evening.  Perfect for a dressy night night out.  I have to say I really wanted to wear my boots.  I did not feel that was appropriate!

The opera itself was set in modern day.  That was unexpected, but it did not detract from the beauty.  The music, the voices were just out of this world.  I cannot imagine what an opera experience would be like in Washington or New York.

I was in the edge of my seat all evening.  At some points, I just closed my eyes and let music take me away.  I so want to do that again!

Hubby being the wonderful person that he is, actually enjoyed the evening.  On the way home, he mentioned that he picked up the schedule for the spring.  Then he mentioned that he found another place that has heard serves really good food.  I am thinking that was his way of saying, you want to see opera? Well then you will need to fed me!   Done, baby!

What a way to spend an evening!

Happy Monday!