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This weekend I’m will be able to check an item off my bucket list.  I’m so excited.  What is that item???   Tomorrow evening we will be attending our first Opera.  I love music. Ok, I realize not everyone loves opera music, or getting dressed up to watch people walk around singing in a language they do not understand.  I get that.  However, every time I listen to the music and the voices I do not need to know the language I already know and feel the emotion.  I understand the plot.  As corny as it sounds, the music truly moves me.

We are going to see Don Giovanni.  It is about revenge.  That was the selling point to Hubby.  It was the ‘manly’ component that was needed in order to convince him that he really wanted to spend an evening at the opera.  That and taking him to his favorite place to eat…..

I have decided that tomorrow morning the music I will be plugged into as I hit the trail will be opera related.  It was get the blood pumping (in a different way than say Bon Jovi!) and I will increasing my excitement level for tomorrow evening! Lovely, right????

Have a wonderful weekend!